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Project Description

Our aim is to provide a C# (CSharp) XAdES signing support library for the .NET framework.

XAdES stands for XML Advanced Electronic Signatures, and is a extension for the IETF/W3CXML-Signature Syntax and Processing specification that includes support for non-repudiation. The standards defined in XAdES aim to generate advanced electronic signatures that remain valid over long periods, are compliant with the European Directive EU-DIR-ESIG and incorporate additional useful information in common use cases (like indication of the commitment got by the signature production).

Our library will include signing and verification for the following standards:
  • XAdES-T
  • XAdES-C

We'll build the project in two phases:
  • First, we'll start with the design of a fluent interface to provide XMLDSIG support. Although we know almost everything is already covered, we'll provide an easier API to simplify the sometimes painful process of signing and verifying. You can see here some examples. This features will be adressed in Release 0.1.
  • Second, we'll add XAdES support. We will include XAdES-BES in Release 1.0, and will include support for the rest of formats in subsequent releases.

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Team Members
  • Víctor Manuel Villa Palomino
  • Luis Miguel Villa Palomino

By the way, Spanish is our primary language. We'll try at out best to translate both the documentation and the source code, but it's still posible that at some points something escapes our control. Please, bear with us.

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